We act as true requirement owners in converting partner needs

Piana IT Solutions

Piana is an end-to-end technology solutions company managed by active and socially conscious people, driven by a passion for the change it brings and the results its customers achieve.

We enable Governments, Communities and Development Organizations to create effective technology solutions that are directly linked to their performance objectives.

Our Unique Point is that we act as true requirement owners in converting partner needs into effective solutions by getting into the root of the requirement. We have a deep understanding and experience of Development and Government Space.

easy budgeting and forecasting

Our Team

We have expertise in leading edge technologies and concepts including Full-Stack Web and Mobile technologies, Analytics, Engagement solutions, High-end technologies including Natural Language Processing and Full-Text Search.

We have in-depth operational knowledge in the area of Information Security, Platform Scalability and Technology Support.

We have the capability to create Unified Solutions involving gateways and technologies for IVR, SMS and Ecommerce.

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seamless integration

Piana Verticals

Career, Retail and Financial Inclusion

Vast experience in career space from Sourcing solutions to engagement to onboarding!

Expertise in creating pure WWW experience for consumer in line with "What I want, when I want, where I want it."

Our solutions ignite engagement between stakeholders including consumers and merchants to create a win-win situation for all.

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