Piana Technologies Overview

Piana Technologies Overview

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Open Stack based Web Applications

LAMP technologies : Experts in YII2 framework

YII2 gives a very powerful construct for Data Modeling, Information View & Parsing and Controller for application of business logic. The framework also has in-built security and authentication engine to make it a very strong framework for complex web based solutions

Expand Your Expertise

Android APPs

We have expertise in interoperability between web and mobile through Server side Webservices, RESTful APIs.

Experience in Native APP and 3rd Party capabilities integrations such as Google APIs for PUSH Notifications, Crash recordings, Bar and QR Code scanning, GEO Location, On-Device Camera Integration, SMS Extraction, etc.

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IVRS and SMS Engine

Experience of smart integrations between Web, IVRS, SMS and Mobile APPs for capabilities such as Access verification and Instant automated update on APP and Web application.

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Other Technologies

  • Ecom Solutions
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Big Data: Hadoop, MongoDB
  • RESTful Systems
  • UI Development Technologies including Javascripts, JQuery, HTML/HTML5, CSS

Effective Information Management requires robust frameworks

We architect our services leveraging a comprehensive but dedicated frameworks :
  • Study and elaboration of Client’s Business Case and Stakeholder play
  • Data acquisition model and storage (Warehouse) architecture
  • Solution – defining Business Intelligence architecture
That is custom defined for your requirements of Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics:
  • Finalization of online (concurrent) or batch mode Integration of Customer systems
  • BI, Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) and Data Modelling
  • Overall Data Management architecture

PIANA has expertise in taking deep dives into large information systems :

  • Structured OR unstructured data from your servers or multiple sources fetched through APIs or FTP
  • Pre processing to DWH
  • Analytics for meaningful and actionable reports for multiple dimensions

Open Source Technologies

Piana has a team of experts in Wide-range of Open Source Technologies. These experts are working on Open Source Technology and Research areas for more than a decade.

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Piana Verticals

Career, Retail and Financial Inclusion

Vast experience in career space from Sourcing solutions to engagement to onboarding!

Expertise in creating pure WWW experience for consumer in line with "What I want, when I want, where I want it."

Our solutions ignite engagement between stakeholders including consumers and merchants to create a win-win situation for all.

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seamless integration

Piana Difference

Every client is important to us. We are commtted to do the best job possible, for each and every project.

PIANA has excellent workforce with long experience in Government, Private sector, Development sectors. Our team knows where it hurts when it comes to information requirements and need for analytics more than anyone.

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